Environmental Insurance

Investing in adequate and comprehensive environmental insurance is imperative for any business that run the risk of an environmental spill. Companies that can be affected by this adversity include anything from transporters of hazardous goods and/or potential pollutants, to sites that store fuels and chemicals, such as service stations, agricultural entities, and any organisation with tanks on its premises.

Environmental insurance is designed to respond to claims resulting from the release of pollutants into the environment. Also known as pollution insurance or pollution coverage, it provides (as the name suggests) coverage for loss or damages resulting from unexpected and accidental releases of pollutants into the environment.

At De Wet De Villiers Brokers, we continuously endeavour to ensure all our clients benefit from comprehensive and customised cover – even when it comes to environmental insurance. Consequently, we have partnered with Envirosure to ensure all our clients’ insurance needs are taken care of.

Envirosure Underwriting Managers is a niche underwriting agency and a South African leader in environmental impairment cover. Their comprehensive solutions fully cover the costs incurred during clean-up and rehabilitation in the event of an environmental incident.

Through our partnership with Envirosure, we add even further value to our policyholders. We now offer compliance benefits for both Transport and Site Risk, which are automatically available once the policyholder has been on cover with us for a three-month period. These include spill kits and relevant training.

Envirosure’s products include:


Spill Protect Plan™
Transport Clean-up Policy
Site Clean-up Policy
Bicycle Accessory Cover

Other important cover options include:

Transport: Value Added Products:

Excess Solution – Transport
Side Tank Solution
Harbour Solution
Excess Solution – Transfer Assist
Riot and Strike Solution – Transport
Third Party Liability – Transport
Driver Solution

Site: Value Added Products:

Excess Solution – Site Clean-up
Riot and Strike Solution – Site
Third Party Liability – Site

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For your convenience we present the following material about Envirosure, as well as other related information:

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