Do I have cover for…?

Your policy wording clearly sets out the insured events or items that you are covered for under the specific policy. Please refer to the wording on your contract for clarity. Alternatively, your broker is always available to assist you.

How long will my claim take?

The time taken to settle a claim depends on the type of claim submitted and the severity of the damage. Some claims require assessors to be appointed, but others are regarded as “fast track” claims and can be handled quite quickly.

Why do I have an excess?

The excess or “first amount payable” is a standard item on any insurance policy. However, it is possible in many cases to purchase excess waiver for a small premium. Please discuss this with your broker.

Will my premium be affected if I claim?

Yes. A claim will usually result in a decrease in your no claims bonus which will then result in a premium increase.

Will I be able to get a courtesy vehicle when my vehicle is in for repair?

It is not always possible for the panel beater to supply a courtesy vehicle, however you may be able to opt for the car hire extension on your policy for a small premium, which will ensure that you will have a vehicle for up to 30 days.