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At De Wet De Villiers Brokers, we pride ourselves in our thorough analysis of your personal or business position to ensure we offer sound insurance advice and solutions.

Your quotation request will therefore follow this route:

1.  Gathering of information

We want to know our clients and understand their needs and situation. During our first appointment, when we meet with you face-to-face, we will take the time to gather the required information to enable us to do a proper needs-analysis based on your total risk profile.

2.  Negotiation

We negotiate on your behalf with various insurance companies and obtain numerous quotations, ensuring you receive adequate insurance at the best possible rate.

3.  Your solution

During our second appointment we discuss the quotations we received from various insurers. We explain our analysis of each quotation and assist you in making informed insurance decisions that support your unique needs. Your application can be finalised and your policy activated.

4.  On-going professional service

Our clients enjoy constant professional guidance and support throughout. The De Wet De Villiers Brokers team will continue to manage your policy from inception, and review it annually. We also take pride in our efficient and professional claims service, which we regard as the heartbeat of our business.

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