Equine Insurance

We know your horse is so much more than an investment. The extra-ordinary upside of investing in a horse is that the asset is a living, breathing thing of beauty. The reality is that these living, breathing assets can get sick, or hurt, or need surgery and, in the worst-case scenario, they can die. The costs of owning and taking care of a horse can be onerous and it makes financial sense to ensure the unforeseen and unplanned expenses are covered.

A horse is an interesting investment to insure as it is both a living animal as well as a possession. It is common to start with a basic Mortality policy, and then customise your insurance package to suit you and your horse’s particular needs. We provide horse insurance cover for stud, competitive, and pleasure riding. We also offer insurance for horses in quarantine overseas, awaiting import into South Africa.

Our partnership with Hollard Equipage will ensure that you have comprehensive equine insurance that is structured around your needs, the horse in question, as well as your budget.

Our comprehensive equine insurance will have you covered for:

Mortality Cover

Mortality Cover protects against financial loss due to the untimely death of a horse as a result of an accident, illness, disease or theft - including death while in transit or eventualities in which a registered veterinarian may have to euthanise on humane grounds.

Loss of Use Cover

Taken in conjunction with Mortality Cover this extension provides cover in the event that a horse becomes totally and permanently incapable of being ridden, but its condition does not necessitate destruction for humane reasons.

Foetus Cover

Also an extension of the Mortality Cover, this cover provides cover for loss of the foetus. Cover takes effect from the date that the mare tests pregnant, 42 days after last service, through until the foal is born and reaches 30 days of age.

Critical Care Cover

Taken in conjunction with Mortality Cover for the minimum sum insured of R20,000.00 this cover protects against veterinary costs associated with in-hospital procedures in the event that a horse requires intensive, life-saving treatment in-hospital. Cover is for general anaesthetic procedures, as well as other procedures to save the life of the horse. This cover is for serious acute events where the horse is at risk of death.

Public Liability Cover

This cover will assist in covering damages caused by a horse, which the owner becomes legally liable to pay, happening or occurring away from the premises where the horse is kept.

Personal Accident Cover

Provides compensation for bodily injury sustained as a direct result of a horse riding or horse handling accident that results in death or permanent disability.

VIP Equine(Veterinary Insurance Policy)

This product offers cover for R120,000.00 per annum with only two sub-limits: R10,000.00 for lameness and R15,000.00 for dentistry. VIP Equine covers veterinary expenses that the horse may incur as a result of illness or injury that is treated by a registered veterinarian either at home or in hospital.

Tack Cover

Purchasing Tack can be an expensive additional outlay with owning a horse. This cover protects against theft or damage (not wear and tear) to equestrian equipment.

Horsebox Cover

Horsebox Cover provides cover for theft/loss of or damage to the horsebox, including damage to third parties caused by the horsebox.

Need more information?

For your convenience we present these downloadable documents with more information about our Equine insurance:

Cover Options   VIP Equine Summary 

Contact us today to discuss your Equine insurance needs and to ensure you are adequately covered for any unforeseen event. We look forward to being your equine insurance partner.