Personal Cyber Risk

Personal Cyber Insurance

Cybercrime is on the rise and South Africa, both at an individual consumer and company level is not immune.

It appears that in the past, Cybercrime has specifically targeted South African individual banking clients. According to SABRIC (The South African Banking Risk Information Centre), incidents across banking apps, online banking and mobile banking, cost the industry more than R250 000 000 in gross losses.

Cyber insurance for companies has been available in South Africa for quite some time, but a full cyber insurance policy for individuals was unheard of. Until now…

De Wet De Villiers Brokers has partnered with iToo to enable us to offer our clients personal cyber insurance, tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

Our comprehensive personal cyber insurance will have you covered for:

Theft of funds

Reimbursement of funds lost resulting from a cyber incident or hacking of your bank account, payment cards, or mobile wallet.

Identity theft

Costs resulting from identity theft including: reporting the identity theft, re-filing rejected applications, notarising affidavits, credit and identity theft monitoring, re-issuing identity documents and lost wages.

Data restoration and malware decontamination

Costs to restore data and software resulting from a cyber incident.

Cyber bullying

Costs resulting from cyber bullying or stalking including: removal of content, lost wages, trauma benefit and experts to manage and protect your reputation.

Cyber extortion

Reimbursement of ransom payments resulting from an extortion demand.

Network security liability

Defence and settlement of third-party claims resulting from a cyber incident on your computer systems (including IoT devices) which causes harm to third party systems and data.

Privacy and data breach liability

Defence and settlement of third-party claims resulting from compromised information.

Privacy & data breach by third-party

Reimbursement of your legal defence costs against a 3rd party resulting from a data breach.

We have also included the following stated benefits to improve the comprehensiveness of our cover:

Trauma benefit

A financial payment to assist in alleviating the reasonable financial burden incurred for the treatment of emotional trauma by a licensed professional, as a direct result of the Cyberbullying, Cyber Stalking, or publication of harmful material.

Additional school costs

Additional costs for school fees, school uniforms and educational material should it be established by a licensed physician or psychologist that an insured child needs to be placed in an alternate school as a direct result of the Cyberbullying, Cyber Stalking, or publication of harmful material.

Cyber Crime and Inappropriate Content on the Internet

Our CEO, Thomas de Wet, and Carla de Beer from The Digital Law Company, spoke to Die Groot Ontbyt about Cyber Crime and inappropriate content on the internet.

Watch the interview here:


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