Homeowners & Household Contents Insurance

Homeowners & Household Contents Insurance

Your home is not only a financial asset, it is also your safe haven. It is where you make memories and keep your treasures.

We understand the financial and emotional loss you can experience in the event that your home is damaged by, for example, natural disasters, or human plundering.

At De Wet De Villiers Brokers, we offer the following insurance solutions:

Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance covers everything that is permanent and immovable within the boundary of your private property. It includes, but is not limited to, the fixtures and fittings inside the house, perimeter walls, outbuildings, garages, electrical gates, swimming pools, as well as the motors and pumps that power them.

Household Contents Insurance

Household Contents insurance covers the content of your house and outbuildings in, for example, the event of theft or damage due to lightning and storms. Possessions that can be included with this product includes furniture, TVs and other electrical equipment, curtains and even clothing, to mention a few.


Contact us today to discuss your needs and to ensure you are thoroughly covered for any unforeseen event involving your home and/or its content.