De Wet De Villiers Brokers supports local sport for youngsters

The COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the ensuing lock-down, have given rise to many changes at work, at home, and especially in our community. For our youngsters, it dramatically influenced school and extramural activities, including sport - not the mention the immense impact on our children’s development.

All our children, young and old, must now try to make sense of the disruption to their lives. And, even though most children are perceptive to change, many may find these changes difficult to comprehend, which may cause children to become downhearted.

Amid this pandemic, the subsequent social distancing rules and our cold winter weather, many children are spending less and less time outdoors playing in the fresh air and engaging in sport. Instead, they are spending more time in front of computer- and television screens for online learning, video games and relaxation time.

However, we at De Wet De Villiers Brokers are passionate about our community and the well-being of our children. Therefore, we searched for the opportunity to assist in getting our children back to engaging in physical activity in a safe and monitored environment.

“Our decisions, policies, values and expectations in our workplace support our employees in choosing a healthy work-life balance,” says Thomas de Wet, CEO at De Wet De Villiers Brokers. “Consequently, we have decided to extend our vision to include our future leaders.”

And, since some of the employees at De Wet De Villiers Brokers are avid tennis players, the decision to support Norval Tennis with a sanitising station came easy. Pietie Norval, former Olympic tennis medal winner, has ensured that his Club is licensed and compliant with the latest Covid-19 regulations. “We are therefore assured that our confidence in the Club has been correctly allocated,” elaborates de Wet.

Studies have confirmed that physical activity has an immense impact on children’s physical health and development, as well as their psychological health. Sport more specifically can have an even bigger impact in these areas of growth, while improving social skills in the process. Exercise relieves stress, depression and anxiety. And, although it is often overlooked, children experience these emotions just as adults do. Exercise and sport are a great way to help reduce these feelings and assist children to cope with them.

“We trust that this well-managed Club will give hours of entertainment, stress relief and action to many young players, while we work through these trying times together.”